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trad_spinning's Journal

Traditional Spinners
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trad_spinning is a community for spinners interested in traditional yarn to share photos, experiences, tips, and information. We're here as a gathering place for spinners who believe in yarn as both art and craft -- as both something to make, and something to make things out of.

We love photo posts. However, in the interests of users on dialup and preserving people's friendslists, please place ALL images behind a cut tag and resize images appropriately.

trad_spinning is not a selling community. If you're looking to sell things, we suggest you check out sellingfiber, handspun, or yarnmarket. Posts deemed to be selling things will be subject to the whims of the moderators.

If you are in search of information regarding whether you can bring your spinning wheel on an airplane, we suggest you contact your airline.

The spinning community is rather small, and many members of trad_spinning also belong to other spinning communities on livejournal. As such, we ask that members not cross-post identical content here in trad_spinning and in other LJ spinning communities.

The moderators reserve the right to delete posts which do not comply with these rules.

We shouldn't need to say it, but we're going to say it anyway: Please be respectful to others. We're here because we enjoy spinning and working with traditional yarns, not to bash other spinners. Honest, respectful critique is welcome, but bashing other spinners -- both here and elsewhere -- is not.

The moderators can be contacted at tradspinning at gmail dot com.
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